15 Cool and Unusual Personal Transports | New and Upcoming for 2020

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In this video we bring you 15 cool and unusual personal transports that will take you over sidewalks, streets, off the road, and even into the air.
Personal transports can mean many different things to many different people. The vehicles here, however uncommon, certainly bear that out.

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Featured Cool and Unusual Personal Transports ⭐

1:10 Rungu MDV

Starts at $3,299
2:03 InMotion Hovershoes X1

2:50 Venom Drift Trike

Starts at $1,650
3:41 Cake Kalk INK

4:38 Companion Bike
Designed by Quan Pham
5:21 Freebord 5-X

6:05 Squad Solar City Car

Starts at $5,400
6:52 YX-ONE

7:45 Segway S-Pod

8:51 D-Fly Dragonfly

Starts at $4,999
9:38 Vertical Aerospace Seraph

10:25 Podbike Velomobile

Starts at $5,400
11:17 Avionics VM

12:04 DCL Big Drone


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Voiceover: Glenn Nobel

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15 Cool and Unusual Personal Transports | New and Upcoming for 2020
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24 thoughts on “15 Cool and Unusual Personal Transports | New and Upcoming for 2020

  1. Thank you for watching! If you have a suggestion and would like to see it featured in a future video 🗣 leave us your recommendation in the comment section below.👇 If you'd like to see more personal transport videos, have a look here:

  2. A car company can easily a build a small 2 seated hybrid vehicle that could be used year round and travel at interstate speeds and easily get 100 MPG's or more but refuse to do so…. Instead we get a Toyota Prius at 50 MPG's

  3. picture looks like some thing reatcher would drive i would just out of astalga astalga oestalga what ever spell check please, yet it needs dry highgeron cell for gas all it needs is a battery around 72volt and a 250 amp alternator , i liked number 3 the pedal electric asist car . look cool for city transportation.

  4. Mystery item looks like an original "Toat Goat". I had an upgraded one as a kid that you could add a rear wheel behind the one & add a track between the two. Also could put a ski under front wheel.

  5. The DCL drone is going to be a manned racing hexacopter. You said unmanned. There is a video out on it where it is flown with a human pilot and does a few forward flips as well. There are a lot of neat inventions here but they sure do carry a ridiculous price tag on all of them. Toys for rich folk I guess.

  6. Hey, Glenn, unmanned drone racing is already happening, no need to wait for the future…I have noticed these folks are pushing to get their piloted drone racing league going which will be fun…thanks for sharing…

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