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2D Cartoon Animated Explainer Video for DXI Logistics: At www.rabbitandcarrot.com We created this 2D cartoon animated explainer video for our amazing client DXI Logistics. Need a great video in a very short time for very little money? Call us now at +971-56-267-1327.

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Explainer videos make a huge impact on any product or service they advertise.

An explainer video helps explain a company’s story, product or service. Its purpose is to tell who you are or what you offer in a friendly and efficient manner. Explainer videos are typically short and can be digital drawings, hand drawings or live action. Having said that the most popular types of explainer videos are animated videos.

If you need a 2D Cartoon video with multiple voiceovers or with a voiceover of language other then English. Contact Us now at info@rabbitandcarrot.com


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