A Day in the life of an Amazon Delivery Driver! — DC Metro Area

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This is my day in the life of an amazon delivery driver video.
Reupload! I have uploaded this video again due to copyright claims on the other video. This video was recorded March 2018

I no longer work for this company, I quit in May!
I worked out of the Rockville, MD location. On Average I got around 250 packages per day. Find the job on indeed.com.

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43 thoughts on “A Day in the life of an Amazon Delivery Driver! — DC Metro Area

  1. Hey everyone! I have re-uploaded this video due to a copyright claim on the other one. It is the same video just different music around the 12 minute mark. I will keep the comments on for this video but just know that I don't deliver for amazon anymore. Thanks for watching!

  2. She didnt show how sometimes in this kind of job you have a hard time finding a single address.
    Is frustrating! and time consuming!!!!!!
    Great job you are doing God Bless you!!!!

  3. Idk why I’m just coming across this haha. I drive for FedEx ground in NC but from Rockville MD. Small world lol

  4. Question 1:Do you you just scan the box and it tells you where to go?

    Question 2:Do you have to have a CDL license to drive that van?

  5. Just wanna share my experience RQ. I did this for a few days and the driving and delivering was whatever. It was the lifting and loading in the morning that would blow my back out despite my good form. My scoliosis said hell nah to this job. Otherwise it’s chill

  6. It good most of that destinations are flat houses here in our city there are many apartments with 5 floors and no lift elevator

  7. Nikki, just wanted to thank you for putting this vid up. It was literally my training video. I've been delivering since Nov'18. Keep up the great work. DSD1 baby!!

  8. For Amazon delivery van, what about gas? If van ran out of gas, do Amazon company give you a credit card to refuel gas on van or is it come out of your personal bank card?? I know you don't deliver for Amazon anymore. But I'm just curious, that's all. Just let me know anytime when you can, thanks!!

  9. How do you know where you’re walking to, and what if they require a gate code, does your tracker tell you their residency code?

  10. Sweetheart the way you use your seat belt is inappropriate.
    Thats my kind of thing
    Until I had an accident and saw myself outside the vehicle.
    Thank God I wasn't crushed

  11. Nikki hang in there. You are great. I was a mailman so I know how long and tiring delivery days can be. Wishing you success in the future.

  12. Yeah…it's a lot of work , i respect you for your effort , for your ambition of delivering smiles but also is a good payment from amazon when you finish your week and you feel this money , of course if you have your own van. But , with their van you don't take so much money on the end of the week. Unfortunatelly ! Good luck and i wish you all the best

  13. Ok…180 stops but let's be honest ….you take 700-800 £ per week ? Couse i know for sure that this is the generally payment.

  14. The good thing I noticed is the packages aren’t that big, when I worked for Fedex honeyyyyyy our packages were toooo big for a woman, we even delivered bigggg tires. The work was overwhelming. I have much respect for you💯

  15. Is it normal in America to just put the package just infront of the door and leave them there open to everyone ?

  16. I like this job just need some good shoes, headphones & motivation and it’s pretty coo I see a lot of coo shit and it’s cool being out, better than being stuck somewhere else looking st the clock, I get paid 17.50 , I usually deliver in Pasadena area around there 🤘🏼

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