Accelerating Inequality Reduction

Tin Tức

Although ASEAN’s GDP has more than doubled in the past decade, inequality remains high, undermining poverty alleviation, threatening social cohesion and slowing economic growth. What are the levers that can build more equal societies and contribute to sustainable progress?

Dimensions to be addressed:
– Ensuring access to basic services
– Exploring fiscal policy to address distribution challenges
– Embracing technology as a force for inclusion

– Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen, Chief Executive Officer, Plan International, United Kingdom
– Muhamad Chatib Basri, Chairman, Mandiri Institute, Indonesia
– Stephen P. Groff, Vice-President, East Asia, South-East Asia and the Pacific, Asian Development Bank, Manila
– Nadiem Makarim, Chief Executive Officer, GO-JEK, Indonesia
– Ng Yeen Seen, Chief Executive Officer, Centre for Research, Advisory and Technology (CREATE), Malaysia; Young Global Leader

Moderated by
– Amrita Cheema, Senior Anchor, Deutsche Welle, Germany


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9 thoughts on “Accelerating Inequality Reduction

  1. Speaking of inequality and education, nadiem is now the education minister of Indonesia. good job so far

  2. When bad situations happen and they did happen so many times in my life. I do not ask for equality from my family but keep on doing what I do best. So you may promise whatever you like but it will never happen except under the laws of which we all know that still we have to often accept the not so.

  3. I look at my own parents’ family and found that inequality is part of family regardless of time and situations that keep changing over my sixty years of life. Now I accept the inequality but never stop improving myself. That is the best anybody can do.

  4. Inequality has more than one reason. Whatever reasons they are the major solutions best come from the people themselves. Governmental helps have no result in inequality reduction all around the world including the one most promise which is communist china. Communist china since its beginning as communist society has suffered from poverty all along regardless of how much effort CCP has tried to do. Since CCP let capitalism play in communist china and the people of 1.4 billion started having the chance to work and improve themselves then the situation of poverty become less. But inequality become even greater than before. I truly do not know how to create inequality reduction but believe in poverty improvement.

  5. The discussion was fantastic. In which each panelist spoke about the accelerating reduction of inequality in each perspective. This show has revealed that technology can do a lot reduce the inequality and uplift the poor people from poverty. It would be nice if they discuss about how we can transfer the wealth from rich to poor and expand the topic beyond ASEAN region, especially they should talk about the condition in african nations and solutions.

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