Advanced Logi Tactics for Incursions 1 of 2

Tin Tức

Meh, I should have made it more concise. Regardless, it’s part 1 of a 2 part series covering advanced logi tactics in incursions. It’s geared toward PvE, but a lot of it will apply to PvP.

ABS Incursion Overview – (Put into C:Users*User Name*DocumentsEVEOverview, and then import via overview settings in the client.):

Warp To Me Waitlist (Upcomming logi schools will be poster here):

Digressing & Sidequesting- Evolution of Street Fighter’s Interface:

Eve University -Hotkeys:

Small Things Thread- Please Fix Broadcast Target from Watchlist:


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10 thoughts on “Advanced Logi Tactics for Incursions 1 of 2

  1. you have enhanced pointer precision enabled on your mouse, are you even a gamer???
    nice video and thanks for the help:)

  2. you may have flown once or twice with tera frost. dont know. however her and 3 other logi kept a small group alive during several runs, so much split aggro, ridiculous. we made money, but i felt i was better off just doing what i do when i multi box because if people aren't setting drones to passive, the split aggro becomes so hard to deal with, this guide may or may not help. we only lost 2 people in all the time i was in wtm, not much however, and a few times ive been back with them, somehow, they start doing challenger series cause the logi is keeping people alive. what keeps fleets alive is logi, and we had very litle logi but long wait times for other parts of the fleets for a minute. so i started telling people in the wtm chat to fly logi cause they always need it, without logi the fleet dont fly. my skills and ship are damn near perfect with genolutions to boot, so i usually was picked first (they would have been crazy not to) so honestly, what you should cover, is this, and more of it. some intricate shit on it, and how to manage locks, with small sets of logi, they should be dropping locks faster due to not everyone having high skills in numbers of locks, and moving to others to quickly and rapidly respond to incoming damage. anywho. im not tooting my own horn in saying any of this, i just know when im playing with tera frost she ends up being pretty decent at what she does (i like to kinda rp with thm a little lol) and she really likes logi so yeah. i mean this is a game ya know?

  3. I made my broadcast menu popup on ~ as well, EVE keep clearing this shortcut every now and then, leaving my pinky sad and anxious about future of my fleet. I've managed to accept it under broad "just eve things" label, just thousandth thing I have to keep in mind if things get sour in heat of the moment.

  4. Never stop making great content dude. I been flying WTM for the past 2 weeks because of your recommendation and met a lot of cool people. Hopefully this video will get more people into being support. Love your channel. o7.

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