ANGKOR WAT, CAMBODIA I Don't Miss the Sunrise I Siem Reap I Cambodia Travel Vlog

Tin Tức

In this episode we explore Angkor Wat, Siem Reap Cambodia! One of the most magical places we have visited so far!

Travel Vlog# 36 l Filmed April 2019

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35 thoughts on “ANGKOR WAT, CAMBODIA I Don't Miss the Sunrise I Siem Reap I Cambodia Travel Vlog

  1. The buildings look historical and romantic under the sun. The buffet at the end looks great, the variety of food is quite impressive.

  2. We loved the sunrise even it was too crowded to admire it from behind the pond when we were there. Haha, the Tomb Raider scene with Dan is amazing! Great video as always!

  3. Damn! We were supposed to get to Cambodia once we were in Koh Chang 1 year ago, but we liked the island so bad, we didn't want to leave earlier and we missed Angkor Wat 😔 but hey! That's just another reason to visit this region once again 😊👍 good job guys, keep on doing videos 😉

  4. I have never been to Cambodia neither to Thailand or Vietnam. But I have the feeling this should be better than Thailand. Is that correct? Great old temple ground though.

  5. Wow that sunrise was stunning! I bet it was even better in real life! I laughed at the tomb raider bit! Lol

  6. I love seeing different places all around the world. We would love to travel full time some day! The food looks delicious! Thanks for sharing!

  7. What a gorgeous place! All the scenery is so breath taking. I wish I was there and not here in snowy & cold Canada right now! 😂

  8. Super Early ! And it Was Already daylight. . Everything Was Beautiful From Inside and Out ‘ seemed like you enjoyed it Good !

  9. Absolutely stunning. I would for sure have culture shock but I do hope to make it out to the part of the world one day.

  10. Great video. Thanks for sharing. Stopping by to show love and support. I hope you can sub back. Happy new year! 🎉🎊

  11. So beautiful loving your travel 👌💙
    btw I’ve uploaded a recent vlog of my travels on my channel do check it out and stay connected

  12. From 1:00 onwards…. what an amazing piece of footage! Great. Congratulations. Thank you for the video! Big thumbs up from a new friend. Check out our channel also. Cheers

  13. Love the Tomb Raider action scene lol The part with the horse was funny too 🤣 I need to visit that "stress free" room! 🤗

  14. I love sun views, truly amazing this world is so beautiful. Lol @ the stress free test. You guys are so cute and so fun together, love that you have such a bond💗

  15. Beautiful place to visit I really wanna go there Angkor Wat. How about food ? have you try street food?

  16. This is such a beautiful video!!! The scenery is so amazing, I’d love to go to Cambodia one day. 😍👍🏻💗💕

  17. Beautiful! It was cloudy when we visited so the sunrise was a bit gray but you got some beautiful shots, so pink and orange!!

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