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AsstrA-Associated Traffic AG offers a full range of transport and logistics services related to the transportation of fertilizers, including the transportation of sulfur, urea and other agrochemicals. The largest manufacturers of agrochemicals from the USA, China, Canada, and Russia export up to 50 million tons of different types of fertilizers annually. As a result, there is a high demand for services related to the international transportation of goods in this sector. In addition, since logistics costs directly affect the value of the goods, producers and traders are interested in optimizing logistics schemes. Our employees develop appropriate routes and offer optimal logistics solutions taking into account the properties of particular cargo. AsstrA has established effective partnerships with agrochemical traders. Therefore, our company is authorized to act as an intermediary between traders and suppliers and also may purchase fertilizers on its own behalf for subsequent sale to suppliers in the event that direct supplies are for any reason impossible. AsstrA organizes timely delivery for cargo regardless of its destination. Thanks to close cooperation with reliable partners, the company offers a flexible pricing policy and Swiss-quality services.


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