Best ETFs to Buy in 2019?

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Welcome to my world of stocks!!!
My name is Ale, and today, we are talking all about ETFs in 2019! What are some of the best ETFs to buy in 2019? If I was forced to buy 3 ETFs in 2019, I would choose these 3 as a low risk, medium risk, and high risk ETFs. I hope you enjoy! And have a great day 🙂


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46 thoughts on “Best ETFs to Buy in 2019?

  1. Please hit the like button! Here's some timestamps as a reward LOL
    Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂


    INTRO – 0:00

    ETF #1 – 1:38

    ETF #2 – 4:43

    ETF #3 – 8:53

  2. For what it's worth, there's another Cannabis ETF called You Only Live Once (YOLO). Have you checked that one out?

  3. I was thinking of buying SPYD but my most recent investment has been in my youtube channel. Hopefully it's successful so I can use it to further fund my stocks. Liked and subscribed!

  4. ETF's are good for later in your investing life. When you have a strong balance and you're more concerned about reliable results with small risk. Not great for growing a portfolio though.

  5. I own shares of the SPDR Dividend Aristocrats ETF. Of course I‘m directly invested in some of it‘s holdings like AT&T and Exxon but I don‘t mind really. After all this ETF pays a good dividend and is pretty solid invested in a wide range of quality companies. Nice to see you going into the ETF topic and as usual you provided some good inspiration with it. Thank you Ale!

  6. Another good video. I like to run 3 or 4 strategies in my portfolio. I use ETFs for my low volatility portion with a mix of stocks and bonds. It is low maintenance and helps reduce the dreaded draw downs. The other time I will use ETF's is when the market turns bearish. I will hedge with inverse ETFs.

  7. Hey Ale,

    I am new to stocks as I just got my first new job and have loved your videos! I myself find that I lack strategies in investing. Really the only one I know is buy low sell high. If you could make a video about some of your strategies to investing not trading that would be super helpful. I am a subscriber for a couple weeks now and always hit that like button. Thanks Ale!


  8. Yeah I have the same mindset, most people should do ETFs, but I like to invest and trade myself in individual securities!

  9. Interesting! I've been tracking the marijuana sector for a bit… the ETF you mentioned MJ and HMMJ.
    Thanks for the research and time you put into this informative video!

  10. im just a beginner playing with 10k but pot stocks have made me so much damn money swing trading them as they pop in popularity. for while tilray was the one to have and peaked and tanked became cronos peaked at 25, cgc, now its aurora being hte front runner. and ive seen alot of professionals calling for same thing just to swing trade them for now since theyk are so primed for that with the volatility.

  11. Ale – Excellent video as always… I'm with you and prefer investing in individual stocks. With that said, my overall portfolio is split about 50/50 between 'Individual Stocks' & 'ETFs/Mutual Funds'. Outside of employers IRA, I exclusively invested in individual stocks until my mid-30's. As my portfolio grew, I decided to broaden out in to ETFs and Mutual Funds, which are primarily in my Rollover IRA from prior jobs. My taxable account is still primarily individual stocks with exception of KWEB (which you talk about) and SCHE (Emerging Market fund). All of my ETFs are with Schwab and all of my Mutual Funds are with Vanguard, both due to industry leading fees.

    Here's my thoughts on your picks, none of which I have issues assuming allocations make sense.

    SDY – Can't argue with your pick, but I prefer SCHD which is more focused on dividend growth stocks but still very similar to SDY. Why SCHD? I like the focus on dividend growth (at least 10 consecutive years) and the net expense ratio is only .07%, and will likely go even lower, which seems crazy to me. Full disclosure – SCHD is my single largest holding.

    KWEB – I own shares of KWEB and get about 1/2 of my Chinese exposure through this ETF. I plan on buying more over time and really like it long term. Top 10 holdings are a who's who list of Chinese tech companies and I still feel the 21st Century will be Asia's with China at the center of it all. BTW… I'm so stoked to hear you talking about the VIE structure. A risk everyone investing in China should understand and I think very few actually do. You're doing a great service to your viewers talking about it.  

    MJ – I'm familiar with this ETF and keep it in my Cannabis watch list. I have a very small investment in a cannabis micro cap (TRTC), which may end up being a swing trade, but keep an eye on the MJ ETF as well. I do plan on making a real investment in cannabis at some point.  I'm in no hurry though.

    Thanks as always for the great video Ale! Cheers…

  12. Nice video Ale , i am invested in vanguard VTI and IEFA ishares .
    after ur videos i am starting individual stocks 🙂

  13. You're always on time w/ providing data that's adding to my DD. I'm up 3.8% w/ SDY and up 9% w/ MJ. I've been looking forward to getting into the Chinese market more heavily w/ their market not doing too well and w/o having to buy many individual stocks. I have positions in several Chinese stocks but I want more. KWEB is definitely a potential gem. I'll look into this further and it may be my Chinese investing solution. Thanks for the video!

  14. The problem with ETF is that if a stock holds a higher percentage of the fund and that stock falls, it can push the ETF down.

  15. I agree that they are perfect for anyone who doesn’t have the time to do their own due diligence.

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