China 2019 – Drone Delivery: Transforming Logistics and Lives

Tin Tức

Flying overhead, drones are delivering blood supplies throughout Rwanda and consumer goods in China. Join Will Hetzler, co-founder of Zipline, to learn how drones are transforming logistics and lives.

– Razat Gaurav, Chief Executive Officer, LLamasoft, USA
– Zhang Lei, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Antwork, People’s Republic of China

– Will Hetzler, Co-Founder, Zipline, USA

Moderated by
– Carol Yu Ying, Producer and Host, Phoenix Satellite Television, Hong Kong SAR, China; Young Global Leader

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11 thoughts on “China 2019 – Drone Delivery: Transforming Logistics and Lives

  1. Trumpeter is already thinking ahead to make the biggest civilian drone maker DJI, another of his National Security threats.

  2. It is complex 🕵️‍♀️ why AI will assist you in design
    To take into account wtf is required in a order of complex operations
    💔👌👽 Ive seen it all my life so run a bead thats stronger then the metal itself
    If you push the pudding correct

  3. I can 3d print parts or tools,close 🕵️‍♀️ things
    Cut delivery over long distances
    I'm cybertronian
    My job to just think 🤔

  4. Fast delivery maglev or Rocket drone
    🕵️‍♀️Another possibly is ambulance or mini mobile drone doctor to aid + internet instructions
    Waiting for none emergency stuff isn't vital

  5. Grey Scott talked about this years ago 👌👽
    It's difficult to talk about post scarcity with a closed mind

  6. If you start drone delivery, I will never order anything to be delivered to me ever again. The drones will be spies for the global criminals. There should be laws against it in every single country.

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