Drum & Bass Mix ~ Best of: Logistics

Tin Tức

A mix made by selecting some of the best tracks by Logistics, my all-time favourite Drum and Bass producer.

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Full track list:
Thunder Child (00:00)
Falling For You (03:46)
Everything Is Illuminated (05:36)
Take Me To The Bridge (07:05)
Together (08:33)
Reality Checkpoint (10:23)
Glitch (12:36)
Eastern Promise (14:48)
Buff Monster (16:16)
Sendai Song (19:57)
Sheung Wan feat. In:Most (21:47)
Lotus Flower (23:15)
Transporter (26:35)
The Trip (28:02)
Winter Blues VIP (30:15)
Last Year’s Loss (33:34)
Sentimentality (36:08)
Tell Me True (37:58)
Heatwave (40:11)
In Your Eyes (42:01)
As Sure As Sunrise feat. Hugh Hardie (43:52)
Solarize feat. Maduk (45:42)
Brain Drops (47:10)
Destination (49:22)
Chant (51:35)
Ammunition feat. Inja (52:41)
Falling (54:31)
After Dark (56:45)
Electric Sun feat. Sherry Davis (58:12)
City Life (59:41)
Search Engine feat. London Elektricity (01:00:08)
Somersaults (01:02:36)
Flutterbyes feat. Ownglow, Prizm (01:04:03)
Stutter feat. Nu:Tone, Maduk (01:06:15)
Watching The World Go By feat. Alice Smith (01:07:43)
Over and Out (01:09:33)

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