Eco India: How the pattern of a beehive inspired the design for an affordable, natural air cooler

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Every week, Eco India brings you stories that inspire to build a cleaner, greener and better tomorrow. Our top story this week looks at an elegant and energy-efficient cooling system that uses cylindrical terracotta cones, arranged in a beehive pattern, over which water is allowed to flow. Could this technology potentially replace electric refrigerant-based AC units?



Supervising Producer: Nooshin Mowla

Director of Photography: Siddharth Subramanian

Second Camera: Amit Bose

Video Editor: Sujit Lad

Script & Field Producer: Juhi Chaudhary

Associate Producer: Shibika Suresh

Executive Producer: Sannuta Raghu


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21 thoughts on “Eco India: How the pattern of a beehive inspired the design for an affordable, natural air cooler

  1. Im having a small doubt doesn't the constant falling of water on mud pots make it disintegrate…?

  2. Why not you use Ceramic Pots instead of clay pots. I saw some of them already damaged the edges due to constant water flowing on it and broked. Thats my recommendation. Otherwise its an excellent work done by you guys. Whole world is proud of the way you are doing the job. Thanks. I really enjoy the innovation you did.

  3. He is right, our people don't really respect our own culture. We're thriving for west culture… West is now coming forward and taking knowledge from us… People need to understand the difference, west is not fancy, west is dumb and selfish.. they honk for environment but not creating big difference were we're being unique and creative for nature at the same time … Kudos to Ant 🙏

  4. This won't work in areas of high humidity. If you saturate the air with water, there wont be much evaporation happening. This would be awesome in Arizona or Saudi Arabia.

  5. Great video but I would have appreciated a detailed explanation of how the beehive pattern works, not just an overview.

  6. Use the idea of an aneroid barometer which gives many thousands of TW of electricity by moving a turbine by atmospheric pressure changes

  7. In the middle east I think they use a wet pad and a fan to pull hot air through the pad. It is more energy efficient than modern a/c.

  8. Nice.. And If I may? How much water is being evoporated for this purpose which otherwise could have been used elsewhere.

  9. Now onwards people should opt for this natural air conditioner instead of electrical ones which is harming our nature and indirectly it's harming us too.

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