From 3 to 300 trucks : The Four Kenyans Excelling in Trucking in U.S.A.

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Alex Karundu, Michael Njenga, Herbert Lang’at and Bernard Lang’at have been living in the United States for over 20 years. In 2014 they came together to form Seagate Holdings LLC, a freight company based in Dallas Texas. Their goal is to become the largest African owned freight company in the USA.

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45 thoughts on “From 3 to 300 trucks : The Four Kenyans Excelling in Trucking in U.S.A.

  1. He says, "Who would have thought that such a large company would be owned and operated by immigrants?" Well, honestly, I would have guessed. A simple look at the color and body of the trucks would tell me.

  2. UPDATE:: The Texas-based company was shut down/closed down last December due to high insurance rates & USD.O.T poor safety scores. A lot of trucking companies closed down last years

  3. I work with them 3 months but they didn't pay you on time don't trust them a lot of drivers left that company because of that even one Dispatch he left them they pay you half your money don't go over there they will make you cry

  4. In your countries we ate suffering do you know that we are paying over 3000 dollars every year still not respected

  5. If it wasn't for African Americans fighting in the civil rights era no African could step foot in this country. So yall remember that when you wanna look down on African Americans.

  6. I am from west Africa and I leave in New york. I am very happied and impressed by my fellow africans entrepreneurship. Thx to America, this the true Americans dream.

  7. These guys are crooks and do not be fooled by these report .. I have person experience with them and they stole from my family.. soon I will post all that evidence here.. never again do business with Kenyans ever!!! I business can’t be run by using pen and paper to steal from your fellow country man and expect growth!! Am waiting for the down fall soon or later

  8. Very proud of them. Study Abroad Africans interested in studying in Germany, No tuition fees in German public universities. Contact

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