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**** This is previously recorded content that we decided to release. better late then never right? ***

Our friend Brenda brings us her GTR for some upgrades! Find Brenda on instagram: @brehrndz.

Vinyl wrap color: Satin Rising Sun


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Premium Auto Styling [ California ]
9860 Indiana Ave Unit 1
Riverside, CA 92503

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Daniel [ @D.Premium ]
Owner of Premium Auto Styling

Mitch [ @PremiumMitch ]
Shop Manager / Sales

[ @PremiumAnthony ]
Photographer / Logistics

Jon [ @Premium_Jon ]
Media / Logistics

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  1. Hey premium fam! Regarding the questions About business, there should be a video you all make about it. Just a q-n-a type thing. It would have people stop spamming you with the same questions and you'd be able to reach other people who are newer and have goals like me. Personally the video inspired me. I've thought about starting a business and I've told my parents and they were just laughing and unsupportive as fuck. If I have to do everything myself by hand I will. More so just to show my family I can fucking do it. Already starting a business plan and seeing how much i need and how much training is etc. just know that premium has inspired me and put me in a place where I see my future going. Thank you premium. Thank you Daniel.

  2. I remember 10-15 years back. It was all about stickers and decals. The it went menopause clean and then wraps came.

  3. Sometimes it looks cool when tje door jams and engine bay is different from the exterior wrap, if it is a compatible color scheme. Adds a little more character.

  4. I LOVE this finish. When I get my NSX, it's getting a satin chameleon wrap. Fuck the haters, I love crazy stand out finishes like this. Beyond pain/wrap, I believe in clean and tasteful modification to strike a nice balance. I'm glad a lot of people don't like psychedelic finishes, that means there won't be countless others with the exact same finish as yours
    It would lose it's magic if it was no longer relatively unique.

  5. Like ur concept. I had an instructor that would say, "Share the Wealth" quote by Mr. THOMPSON….what he meant by that is. Share what I taught you with somebody else…. Keep up the great vids.

  6. Hello guys I had been watching how you all had being wrapping car looks real professional .I have a 370Z (2012) it's gray in colour I want to vivid carbon wrap the nose of it car you show how I can do the wood and the nose.I also have a pair of black wraps and four rolls Gray.really need a insight of what to do

  7. Quick question, I’m purchasing a 2015 Subaru WRX STI soon and was wondering how much you guys charge for a full wrap w/o doing the jambs. Color wrap I’m going for is ColorShift exactly like the one Chasubi did on her Subaru. Btw your vids are sick, appreciate the quality content!

  8. Wrap looks great, but what's with the bumper misalignment? looks terrible and if that was my GTR I would be annoyed, timestamp 16:51

  9. when u do colour shift wrap. which part of vinyl do you use to wrap the bonnet bumper trunk roof to match the colour shift nicely with the side of a car

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