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Tin Tức

“I’m sure that Hong Kong will insert itself organically in the wonderful story between ASEAN and China,” says George Yeo, Chairman of Kerry Logistics Network and a key speaker considering the emerging partnership in the opening plenum of the Asia Logistics and Maritime Conference held on 7 November 2013. As well as covering major trends and prospects, the conference for the first time featured exhibitors on e-logistics, logistics and maritime services, with business matching to the fore. The conference “helps us find more new clients, ” says Stan Redka of Engler (HK) Enterprises, while Michele Ferrario of e-retailer Zalora believes the event offered much to optimise supply chains in the cheapest and fastest way possible.

– George Yeo, Chairman, Kerry Logistics Network
– Wilson Leung, Group Vice President, BPS Global Group
– Stan Redka, Director, Engler (HK) Enterprises Ltd
– Edward Lee, General Manager, Castel Hong Kong Limited
– Michele Ferrario, Managing Director, Zalora South East Asia
– William O’Brien, President, , HAVI Supply Chain Solutions

Asian Logistics and Maritime Conference:

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