Huawei P40 Pro Unboxing and Camera Test


Huawei just announced their new P40, P40 Pro and P40 Pro+. Here is my unboxing of the Huawei P40 Pro in Matte Gray.

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40 thoughts on “Huawei P40 Pro Unboxing and Camera Test

  1. Huawei p40(not the pro version) or P30 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S10 (not the plus version) which of this three phones should i buy? I dont really need google services i can use the yt on browser and the others apps from them or to move from android to apple and to buy Iphone XS(not max) in my country theirs prices are very similar the only things i want is a fast phone with a good camera

  2. the studio is like there's blackout there. it's so low light. did u change your lightbulb? do you use candle as your light source? test the camera in low light environment is not representative.

  3. Even with how much potential this thing has and how incredible the cameras are, the lack of ANY google services automatically causes me to ignore this phone. AppGallery is garbage.

  4. I saw to my surprise on Huawei's website that the P40 Pro does NOT have an OLED display but an LCD one. What a dissapointment.

  5. As a Samsung fan that just got my S20 ultra seeing all the new phones and the colors just irks me even more as I look at my boring dull flat grey. Samsungs $200 phones are more exciting than grey and black. If Huawei had the right people running it we'd be saying Samsung who?

  6. We don’t need a YouTuber promoting Huawei phones like a TV’s promoter, it’s annoying and disgusting, both Huawei phone and the host. 👎

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