I WAS SOLSKJAER OUT BUT….Manchester United 2-0 Manchester City FanCam


Manchester United 2-0 Manchester City and this United fan was Solskjaer out but now he’s not so sure. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. 🔔 SUBSCRIBE here

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36 thoughts on “I WAS SOLSKJAER OUT BUT….Manchester United 2-0 Manchester City FanCam

  1. Great interview @zeki tutuncu really well spoken I totally agree with you martial was being lazy this match , not everyone would have been able to talk like this in front of thousands of people. Respect you for that mate

  2. There's not even any shame in these flip-flops. When we lose they're Ole out. When we win they're Ole in. It's absolutely embarrassing!!!

  3. These guys good good points but how can you call Martial Lazy 🤨 He’s clever and can actually make things happen out of no where. If you want a headless chicken running around who doesn’t know what he’s doing then stick Lingard up front mate. Either you want a footballer or a usain bolt lad, your choice 👌

  4. That's what the bullshit Ole outers need to fucking understand. You bring in good players, the team and the results will improve. Before Bruno, our team wasn't good enough, it's as simple as that.

  5. Ole haters got no long term vision… Cause changing it all up evry other year has been soooo sucsesfull. Ole got a long term plan and evry signing he makes has been great! Results are coming! Show some faith… or support 😉😂

  6. I still stand by getting Jones Andreas and lingard and romero/david all moved on in the summer. If pogs wants out he can go too. Grealish doucoure sancho and ighalo in give lingard place to grealish n Andreas to doucoure and promote garner and Levitt if chong n gomes want out

  7. Because nobody has any patience these days. All the players people wanted out ( Matic Fred etc ) there on here rating them now there playing well. Yes we need a clear out long term but get behind them in the meantime rather than slagging them off Support our players

  8. People saying Martial is lazy are like wide-eyed religious zealots. No ability to think for themselves. They will ignore the fact that he was an only striker today, yet clearing defending headers, scoring a goal, covering the left back position and bullying Fernandinho and Otamendi….butttt, he's still lazy. He will score a hatrick and he will still be lazy. No matter what he does. Idiots cannot control their bias

  9. Most people were Ole out recent weeks, now pretending they were not. Especially after city and Burnley games. It’s all about the overton window, win= be positive, lose Ok to be negative. I’ve been consistent in my opnion on Ole. I said he need a few signings before judging and now he is delivering, long may continue.

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