Journey of a shipment – How express delivery works with DHL

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Ever wondered how your shipment gets from A to B?

DHL is the world’s largest logistics provider and we make shipping as easy for our customers as possible. We make sure your goods get cleared by Customs quickly and you can use our online tracking tools to see where your shipment is at any time.

With DHL’s extensive global network and international specialists, you can rest assured that your shipment will be handled safely and securely throughout its journey.

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Sending a shipment with DHL Express is easy. With our simple-to-use shipping tools you can print out your own Waybill and book a collection.

Once our courier has collected your shipment, it enters the dependable DHL Express network. Your shipment will first be sorted at a DHL Service Centre, before travelling on to a DHL Hub where it is sorted for onward travel, so that your shipment can be loaded onto a DHL aircraft.

The information needed for Customs clearance is sent automatically to the final destination so that your shipment is free to be delivered on touchdown. Many of our international shipments pass through DHL’s European air hub in Leipzig, Germany. There, the shipment connects with another flight. DHL’s extensive global network means that your shipment is handled by DHL throughout its journey and you can track your shipment at all times with our online tracking tools.

On arrival at destination, your shipment is scanned and sorted for domestic delivery at a DHL hub and local Service Centre, before completing its final mile delivery. The DHL Express courier ensures that your shipment is delivered safely and signed for.

So you can rest assured that your shipment is in safe hands from beginning to end.


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48 thoughts on “Journey of a shipment – How express delivery works with DHL

  1. No idea how all these issues happen to you guys who are complaining, but over 5 years, all my express from one end of the world to the other never took more than 3 days. Could it be the vendor/your sender? Whenever a merchant of mine uses DHL, I couldn't be happier tbh.

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  3. Yep they disturb you by email to say parcel in its way. Then they email again to say delayed but I can track it. Highlighted tracking number iphone tries to call when you oress it. Damn even ebay link through email works. So then you get to the tracking part of the page located right at bottom of page weirdly and all it says is, package collected, at the deluvery depot or out for delivery. Useless info. How hard is it to operate that professionally. I would prefer to see a map with dot showing parcel. Then estimated time it will be. Bet you after they deliver they dont email to say congratulations its been delivered.

  4. I ordered a package from France and it came to Helsinki in less than two days and it was delivered to me in time 👍

  5. My shipment has been cycling in and out of their Illinois hub for the past 5 days. I'm in Minnesota you twats.

  6. DHL SUCK RHINO BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm waiting on a package that is 3 hours 21mins from me and going on 5 days… WORST SHIPPING SERVICE EVER!!!

  7. No DHL ships to the destination but then changes it's mind and sends your package off to another country just to spite you. Deutsch Post should give up on international shipping and leave it to FedEx and UPS. One less useless option there for sellers to use that way.

  8. I was supposed to get something from Korea but it’s been like 9 days and I still haven’t gotten it. I’m worried it won’t come in and that everything will be screwed up. Hopefully I don’t have any more problems or -_-

  9. I really don't know what I've done wrong to dhl. They fuck me up all the time. Now I'm almost having high blood pressure .
    When you start seeing things like send to incorrect faculty and later on , u see send to correct faculty after two days then u get to understand there're drunkers dealing with packages sometimes. Dhl can really frustrate a people.
    They dealt with me the first time and I really don't know why I keep running to them.

  10. I for one am happy with DHL. I ordered a product from Malaysia to USA. It took 2 days for the package to arrive! Amazing!

  11. There is no message or email coming to us if there are some issues on our shipment. If I will not monitor or track our shipment, maybe our shipment will stay in the custom clearance for life! I need to message and ask help to the DHL personnels if what is the problem on our shipment why it was held for so many weeks and even months. I should have done other tasks in the office rather than monitoring that shipment. Simply shows that we cannot fully trust to this DHL! Their job is to ship the goods, pick-up the goods from the shipper and deliver to the consignee. And if there are some issues, they should be the one to inform it to the people who will receive the goods! My God! Dear DHL, please assign somebody to send an email to the receiver/consignee if there are some issues needed to attend to on their shipment!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. i would give 5/5 Rating. 21 Dec 2017 17, 3pm Melbourne, Victoria collection, and processing, then 22 Dec 2017 4.30 Pm I received the Parcel in KL ( really express) DHL saves my day.

  13. My package was supposed to arrive December 21! Now it’s not arriving to my friend until after Christmas! Thank you for ruining everything DHL.

  14. Here’s how express delivery with DHL REALLY works…

    You pay for a service that DHL says will take 2-3 days, more than a week goes by and nobody at DHL has a clue where the parcel is, they finally track it down and maybe it’s left the country, maybe not, nobody really cares.

    A few more days pass, DHL say the parcel cannot be delivered to the door (insert reason here) but can be collected, but of course there’s fees and import taxes to pay, $50 for a package worth $20!

    You collect the package, pay that asshole $50 only to find the contents have been fu*ked with, some are missing, some are broken.

    DHL are scum, don’t use them, simple.

  15. DHL is the worst. I live in Canada and ordered a package from China. It went from China, to Canada (but a couple provinces away), then went to GERMANY and then to my province in Canada. No wonder it was 2 weeks late.

  16. Expensive as hell
    And taxes import duty and s
    Handling fees…
    Never again dhl.

    Shitty service,can even let us know when they will come give the item…

  17. Sellers print waybills which shows they shipped the item when really all they did was print a waybill. I have had 4 recent orders where they did this, did not ship for several days or weeks. Waybills should be invalid after non-receipt by carrier in 24 hrs

  18. OK, what if the shipment is within he same city, i.e. London? I have heard that even these parcels must be sent to Germany and then back to the recipient in the UK, doesn't seem very efficient.

  19. I was told it would cost almost 400dollars to ship an envelope from Nigeria to the US. Could it possibly be that expensive?

  20. DHL's founder died and his nearly one billion dollar fortune went to four hookers that he knocked up in some poor tax haven shithole island. Look it up. Interesting story.

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