Logistics In Vietnam – The Big Picture

Tin Tức

Documents The Logistical Effort And Facilities At Major Supply Ports And Bases In Vietnam, And Delineates The Role Of Army Transportation, Aviation, Engineer, Quartermaster, Ordnance, And Medical Services In Support Of The Fighting Man.

Department Of Defense

Logistics In Vietnam
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15 thoughts on “Logistics In Vietnam – The Big Picture

  1. Pardon me while I vomit. This was for domestic consumption. The US government sanitized and over dramaticized to the point of ridicule, but it the 60s, they lapped it up. Reds under the bed, hordes from the north, they really thought they were saving Vietnam from destruction. Pity about the ignominious retreat and humiliation of another loss after Korea.

  2. anyone notice the sea land logo? major stockholder in that corporation???? LADYBIRD JOHNSON  WAR PROFITIER! ships trucks   millions and millions of $$$$$  hope herand LBJ are ROTTING IN HELL!

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