'Material Handling Made Simple' at Everest Spices with DAIFUKU ASRS

Tin Tức

On the path of growth, Daifuku India is continuously increasing its footprint in Indian industries all across India in providing warehousing solutions and material handling solutions. One such company is the Everest Spices, a Food Processing Company in Umbergaon, Gujarat. While setting up its new factory, Everest Spices chose the global player, Daifuku, for factory automation and optimization to do away with their issue of storage of raw material right from the beginning as raw material used in the Food industry has a limited shelf life and are highly perishable. Accomodating Daifuku ASRS tailored solutions is the wisest decision to forgo all existing and future problems with company’s expansion. Daifuku ASRS is the best solution for storage and retrieval of raw material, processed goods or finished goods with speed and accuracy, helps save space with better utilization of the space, reducing the staging area. Daifuku India ASRS provides fully automated warehousing solutions to all kinds of industries making material handling easy.


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