Mrs & Mr Krishna Kumar Dr. Anuradha Panda Gynaecology & Dr.Durga Prasad Paediatrics Apollo Hyderabad

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Mrs & Mr.Krishna Kumar blessed with a a beautiful and healthy baby at Apollo Health City, Hyderabad. The proud parents share their experience.

My name is Mr. Krishna Kumar, I am basically from Murloor, Bihar, but I work in Maharashtra in the Railways. This is my third baby, the first two were cesarean sections and we were unsuccessful, but after coming here I got success and today. I feel very happy. The greatest contribution has been Dr. Anuradha Panda’s, who gave me a lot of motivation and gave me this child. Dr. Durga Prasad also had a huge involvement in it who gave the best treatment and saved my child. My baby was pre-mature only 33 weeks old and Dr. Durga Prasad gave the best treatment and gave me my child. Even if I thank him it’s less. For me after God, they are the second God for me.

All the staff and Sisters have given best treatment. They treated my child like their own and how much I would not be able to do for my child, they did more than that, and they have given the child in my arms. I will always be grateful to them forever.

I will only tell that whoever faces problems like these, if you come to an institute like this and you should not hesitate and you will get the best treatment.

From my side, this has been very good treatment and a good hospital, for me also and I wish people from across the country should come for treatment here. I am sure they will go back treated and very satisfied with the service.
It’s been very good for me


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