Redmi Note 9 Pro vs Realme 6: The New Budget King?


The Redmi Note 9 Pro and Realme 6 are both new budget smartphones that start at Rs. 12,999. Now, a lot of you guys have been confused about which one to buy. Well, we have the answer for you. This is our Redmi Note 9 Pro vs Realme 6 detailed comparison.

In this video, we compare the Redmi Note 9 Pro vs Realme 6 cameras, performance, charging, battery, display and design.

Realme 6 Pro vs Poco X2:

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20 thoughts on “Redmi Note 9 Pro vs Realme 6: The New Budget King?

  1. Its 90hz v/s 5020 mAh battery..
    Remaining things are obvious .
    18 W charger will take more time.
    64 MP camera will be better than 48 MP, but i liked the stabilization of note 9 pro from your video which u didn't mentioned.

  2. Good review buddy. please make a double check on the specification like Metal back for Redmi note 9 pro but it is actually plastic back with Gorilla glass coating.

  3. I will choose realme 6 for camera display and performance. Looks like Mediatech making promising updates day by day

  4. Realme put SD720G in 6 Pro… Whereas Redmi provide it in 9Pro and in 9ProMax… Clearly SD720G is considered more premium even by Realme

    Higher Screen Refresh Rate be noticeable mostly in Gaming, I think. But still good to have it with Realme 6

    Camera outcome is indeed based on choice

    I am surprised as how 8.5Hr SoT is just called "little bit extra" over 6Hrs SoT? Isn't it a great plus with 9Pro? But then yes, lesser fast charging seem to hurt Redmi here

    I like competition, as customer keep getting better specs at low prices. SD720G at INR 12999 is unimaginable otherwise. Samsung could launch device at 28k+ with this SoC

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