[Running Man Ep 500ㅣPreview] They have 5 guests to celebrate the 500th episode


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40 thoughts on “[Running Man Ep 500ㅣPreview] They have 5 guests to celebrate the 500th episode

  1. Bomi is totally a creakhead but she is so.. Stupid I'm so sorry to said dis but she kinda annoy me, she is like somin. But I'm not hating them. Bomi make a funny thing but it's look more to stupid thing and she can't even answer any questions bruh.

  2. I was excited for the 500th episode but it was disappointing, and it's not because Jeon So Min was not there or that she turned out to be involved in the end. I expected they would do something huge but the 300th episode was way way way way way much better.

  3. they have FIVE guests but only put FOUR in the thumbnail. why not just put the five of them?


  4. Apink Bomi and Chorong 💖💖 I really like running man. They always invite Apink .Apink already like Running Man familys 😊

  5. I dont agree with the plan of this episode..U need to invite a man guest to for Song Ji Hyo…or u dont need a guest…a little bit disappointed about this special epi…

  6. Somiiinnn, please take care of yourself and be happy~~~ You have a lot of fans too! We love and adore you❤️😔 You are the funniest and the prettiest!!!!

  7. Seeing somin pic makes me sad. I really dont understand y people are hating her. What i heard is she joining RM makes the show boring. To be honest, i dont think gary leaving or sechan n somin joining that makes RM less exciting than the golden era. Its simply the fact that the cast are aged. In the old days, they would get an empty mall and chase each other all around it ( man i miss them searching clues in empty shopping malls). Now, most of the show is stting down and talk except for the last mission. And i dont blame them. Haha and jaesuk have kids now, seokjin is definitely a strong and healthy man considering his age. But the jokes are still great and worthy to keep watching RM.

    Ps- chungha is probably promoting her comeback. So as a MIRACLE and a Groo, OhMyGirl and GWSN is also making a comeback

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