S4E171 Sal Plays Space Engineers Nidd Whitelist – Bee Logistics

Tin Tức

Recorded 10 May 2017. Mere tries to explain Bee Logistics to Anubiz as we make our way back to the base.

Sal plays Space Engineers on the Nidd Whitelist Server. As is our way, Boris makes videos which are a mix of his solo work and our multiplayer sessions, Anubiz makes a very professional looking 20 minute episode out of every two or three hour recording session, and I show you everything in many hundreds of episodes that fall many months behind everybody else!

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The team and the server:

Almond : www.youtube.com/Rubictrooper
: twitter @AlmondEsquire

Anubiz : www.youtube.com/AnubizRa
: twitter @AnubizRa
: www.twitch.tv/AnubizRa

Boris : www.youtube.com/PravershamGaming
: twitter @BorisPraversham
: www.twitch.tv/PravershamGaming

DrunkSpiderman : www.youtube.com/channel/UCqge1Pz3UZkveuPe2foITNw
: twitter @DrunkSpidermanX

Killer Apple :
: twitter @killer_fruit_C

Mere Lyap : twitter @MereLyap
Mere doesn’t have his own channel, but he does make videos for The Nidd and for my channel, here’s a little taster of Mere’s genius unleashed:

Minty Jones : www.youtube.com/mintyjonesgaming
: twitter @mintyjonesgamer

The Nidd is a friendly group of gamers, free for anybody to join, with regular public events in various games:


I love Space Engineers, buy it on Steam:
Visit their website:

Permission to broadcast from Keen Software House:


Music and Copyright

“Niddite Lane” by Minty Jones, used with his kind permission

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