SALES INTERVIEW Questions And Answers (How To PASS Your Sales interview!)

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Learn How To PASS A SALES INTERVIEW with Richard McMunn’s Sales Interview Questions and Answers Video. Download the questions at:

In this video, Interview Training Expert, Richard McMunn, teaches you how to pass a sales interview, including tips on impressing the interview panel, sample behavioral and competency sales questions and more importantly, answers you can use in your Sales Interview.

People often ask: “What should I say in a sales interview?” Richard will tell you exactly what to say in this video!

Here is a list of the 5 Sales Interview Questions and Answers he covers in this video and the accompanying tips:

SALES INTERVIEW QUESTION Q1. Tell me about you and why you are a good fit for this sales role?
TIP 1 – Split your answer up into two specific parts – details about you and why you are a strong fit for the role.
TIP 2 – When explaining why you are a good fit for the role, this is your opportunity to speak about them, and why their company is suited to your sales skills and qualities!

SALES INTERVIEW QUESTION Q2. If successful, how much time would you spend cultivating customer relationships versus searching for new leads or clients, and why?
TIP 1 – Spend more time cultivating customer relationships, as these people are easier to sell to in the long-term.
TIP 2 – Have an innovative strategy for generating new business leads or prospects ready to talk about at your sales interview.

SALES INTERVIEW QUESTION Q3. If we hired you in this sales position, what would you do in your first month of working here?
TIP 1 – Be confident in your answer and already have a plan for what you intend doing when you get the job! Most candidates won’t have a clue, so this is your chance to stand out!
TIP 2 – Focus your answer on two areas:
– Finding out as much as possible about their products and services, and;
– Building relationships with internal members of staff.

SALES INTERVIEW QUESTION Q4. How do you handle customer objections?
TIP 1 – Being able to handle customer objections is vital if you are to be successful in sales. Already have a plan or process for dealing with these!
TIP 2 – My advice is to utilize a 7-step approach to handling customer or sales objections, which I will cover right now in the sample answer.

SALES INTERVIEW QUESTION Q5. What’s the best way to establish a relationship with a prospective client or customer?
TIP 1 – To build relationships in sales you must build trust, be transparent and listen to the customer or prospect.
TIP 2 – Use my 5-step plan for building strong relationships with potential customers and clients.

I genuienly hope tehse sales interview questions and answers help you to PASS your interview!

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  1. I have a sales job interview today in a couple of hours! ✨🤞🏼✨🤞🏼✨🤞🏼✨🤞🏼✨
    Good vibes only wish me luck!!!!!

    Edit: A few days later, I GOT THE JOB!!!!

  2. Excellent, do you have video on relationship manager-corporate banking? I have interview day after tommorrow

  3. @CareerVidz  hi sir, i also have interview for sales promoter but i don't have any experience or any idea about sales. how can i handle it? i want to pass that interview. can u please help me.

  4. I have my interview today to be a car salesman I’m 20 years old I have no experience in sales I just always had a passion to become one I’m hoping today that it will come true

  5. Wonderful advice , great Q/A tutorial, your tone of voice is great and confident, God bless you , I've 2 requests or questions if you will advice me with,

    I got actually a direct question

    To sell my self? it's a sales position
    And also
    I'm a windows user I'm satisfied with it and happy sell me a macbook but it's so expensive for me ?
    I did answer and I've a second interview but from what I understood it'll be the same questions again cause they asked me to be better then that ?

  6. How is it that I’m suppose to remember all these answers they are very detailed and really long answers do you have shorter answers that would work just as well as these answers

  7. I really liked your video.. the answers are realistic and have good approach.
    I learnt all this from all sales experience

  8. I got interview tomorrow with M&S FOR temporary sales associate and they sent me email saying there will be selling exercise and interview could you please help me with as this is my first ever job interview…please help me😊😊

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