Shipping Industry Seeing Uncertainty From Trade War, Says Kerry Logistics' Yeo

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Sep.14 — George Yeo, chairman of Kerry Logistics Network, discusses the impact of the trade war on the shipping industry and on Singapore’s growth. He speaks on “Bloomberg Markets: Asia.”


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17 thoughts on “Shipping Industry Seeing Uncertainty From Trade War, Says Kerry Logistics' Yeo

  1. If China is a growing market, how is it that investments are getting out? Didn’t Ford and Tesla announce plans to manufacture in China specifically for the Chinese market and markets outside of the USA?

  2. This present govt minister
    Come from govt servant and army
    I am quite worry
    We need people from private
    I hope you can join the govt again
    We need person

  3. All based on false assumption, that is infinite growth. Not going to happen, so there will be winners and there will be losers. The only question is who is who.

  4. China is great. China will outsmart USA in trade war. USA is using boxer punches at China. So far, China is using on Taiji to defend… punches.

  5. "China is willing to go more than half way" but it won't admit to IP theft, negotiates nothing, and isn't talking. Their more than half way concessions are…crickets. There are no concessions on the table, ever. A country that just put one million west Chinese Muslims in concentration camps is not a good candidate for negotiating. It is not part of Communist culture. I made it 10 sec into that vomit and hit cancel. Someone going to talk is going to say, "We are willing to talk on this and do this and that, and we are waiting for a US response." Their goal at this point is to see if the Chinese dark money payolla of Feinstein and Dems will come to fruition if they get control of Congress in November.

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