Sunrise or Sunset Landscape Photography – Which is Best?

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In this landscape photography video Tom Mackie discusses a frequently asked question; sunrise or sunset landscape photography – which is best?

While the answer ultimately comes down to personal preference, Tom discusses which he prefers and why and shares sunrise landscape photography tips on how to take sunrise photos.

Tom also discusses techniques for sunset landscape photography and how he has been able to capture a wide range of dramatic shots using different camera settings and preparation.

We hope you find this video helpful to improve your landscape photography and as ever, we welcome any questions or comments you may have below.

Thanks for watching!

Here is a complete round up of the kit and equipment Tom uses:


Nikon D850 Camera –

Nikon 24 – 70 mm Lens –

Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED –

Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 300mm –

Nikon AF-S Nikkor 70 – 200 mm f/2.8E FL ED VR Lens –


Lee Filters Field Pouch –

LEE Filters DSLR starter kit –

Lee Filters Little Stopper –

Lee Filters Big Stopper Glass Filter Neutral-Density –

Lee Super Stopper –

Lee Filters s5pl Polarising Filter –


MIOPS Smart Phone High Speed Remote Trigger Kit –

Flight Logistics Sun Compass –

HoodLoupe® Outdoor Loupe for 3.2″ LCD Optics and Base –


Lowepro Pro Runner BP 450 AW II Bag –

Lowepro Sac Revolver Top Loader Zoom 75 Aw –

In the spirit of complete transparency, some of the above links are affiliate links.

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33 thoughts on “Sunrise or Sunset Landscape Photography – Which is Best?

  1. Lately I have been gravitating toward sunrises because I am usually up at that time. The air quality in this area is really bad, which produces spectacular color, but the main interest are the clouds, there is nothing else of interest, I would include one on my images, but YouTube would not let me

  2. I just found your channel and I'm really enjoying your videos. I prefer to shoot sunrises myself. I like the fact there are less people around. Due to the fact I'm not a professional photographer, it's easier for me to wake up early to catch the first rays of the day than trying to leave my day job early or skip out on dinner with my family to catch the sunset.

  3. Tom, your videos are so enjoying to watch and thery are very informative and well delivered. I would love to join one of your workshops soon. Keep it up Sir.

  4. For me I love sun rises. The one thing I normally get wrong is the location for summer time sun rise they are about a 90min drive away. Which normally means leaving home at 2:00am and not have much time to set up.
    but still trying. Thanks for some great videos, Totally agree with you on the Z7 but will be interesting in 4 or 5 years time what will be available then?

  5. Agree, I prefer sunrise – love the clarity at sunrise whereas there is more haze at sunset ….. and of course have the landscape to myself is great!

  6. really insightful video!
    i do like early mornings! just hard to wake up so early!
    thanks for sharing all this beautiful content with us!
    really enjoyed watching this

  7. i think it depends on the location. some times the sun is rising or setting on the wrong side of the scene for a great shot. beautiful shots BTW.

  8. Excellent food for thought. I'm absolutely a sunrise shooter over sunsets for many of the reasons discussed. I live on Long Island, NY and finding a scene without hundreds of people enjoying the view right in the middle of a composition is nearly impossible at sunset. Oh, the gift of sunrise and solitude.

  9. Definitely sunrise, no much of a choice here in Miami, FL USA. Sunrise is really the better option. We do have awesome sunsets, I just wish there were higher vantage points to capture it better. Thank you sir, very interesting tips and videos. Cheers!

  10. I am not a professional photographer and do a lot of local and regional photography, and I like shooting at sunset as I can travel to my location after school take photos and take my time traveling back and do not have to worry about rushing back for school or work.

  11. Great video (and photograps). While I suspect that you're justified in your preferance for sunrise, getting up in the dark is very difficult for many people, who may also find it uncongenial — and even a little dangerous — to stumble around and set up their gear in the dark. I'm one of those myself, I have to admit, though looking at your results it's hard to argue that the rewards can be worth it.

  12. I always prefer too the light of sunrise.The most important though factor about what time to choose is Safety.

  13. I'm more of a sunrise fan, really enjoy seeing the new day dawn, feels like you are experiencing something special to be there as it unfolds, however I think I have been more 'successful' with my sunset images, just feel I have stronger images from those outings..

  14. Enjoy both if honest but the older i get the more i prefer a sunset as i get to have a decent sleep in. A sunrise in summer turns into an extremely long day.Great if your away on holiday for a week or two,but not so much if you only have the odd day off.Having said that Winter is better with sunrise being later and the sun not being as high helps with shooting during the day too.. Good vi Tom

  15. Hi Tom, love your videos. Just curious was that you 9/20 morning in Iceland taking pictures at the Kirkjufel Mountain? I gave my tripod spot to a gentleman, come to think about it now he looks like you.

  16. Really amazing shots. Thanks for the great content on your channel – very inspiring.
    Sunrises tend to appear more pleasant to me, likely because it is harder for me to get up, get set up and go out. It's really rewarding though, as I see from your video, other sources and even from my own experience. One thing undoubtedly is the fog and atmosphere – another is the compositions you have around the places where you shoot – some may lend themselves better for sunrise shots, some for sunset shots. I can imagine though that if many people around on a famous location is a problem, sunrise might be the way to go. 🙂

  17. Tom, have to agree with you on sunrises, recently I have been making the effort of those very painful 3-4am starts and they have paid off! Especially this year October where the skies have been so

  18. Sunset because I’m too lazy to get up 😂😂 jokes aside though sunrise pics look nicer with the mist etc as someone pointed out below.

  19. The answer is easy for me. I hate getting up early. Mainly because I don't sleep well and my best sleep is in the morning. But a serious answer would be, it all depends on location and geography.

  20. Hi Tom. They say the best camera in the world is the one you've got with you. Early morning  is good if you can get up!Great pix – JA

  21. I like both, but I prefer sunrise. Being along with nature early in the morning there is nothing like it. It make you mindful about the world around you. Thank you fro a great video.

  22. Tom a little of subject but what do you call that thing you use to look at the screen on the back of the camera, i really could of done with one this morning. And live on the north east coast of england so i prefer sunrises i love the peace and quiet when no ones around.

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