Swedish Post Office VAT and Fees for import from China

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My first parcel from China through the Swedish Postal Office has arrived to customs! And boy – was this an “Alice in wonderland” experience. For one, it arrived to me as a private person although I have tried very hard to tell the seller I am actually a company (and I have bought stuff for my company). Secondly – I have to pay 78 SEK for a shipemtn taht seems valued to 10 SEK. Of that 3 SEK is VAT and the rest is handling fee by the Swedish Postal office. WOT?!! In this video I show my first experience with importing from China shipped through Swedish Postal office and my first investigations on how this is supposed to work and how to avoid it as a company? Stay curious and attentive. I hope you find this video at least informative. PS: AS a side note – I learned a lot about how clunky it still is to blur things out in FCPX. But that’s another story…


2 thoughts on “Swedish Post Office VAT and Fees for import from China

  1. I was searching the regulations of postnord as I wanna buy a good between 6000-7000sek
    The text says:

    "Administrative fee
    PostNord has been assigned the task of ensuring that VAT on these items is paid to the state before delivery takes place. In addition to the VAT, an administrative fee will therefore be charged for this work. The fee covers the costs incurred as a result of making VAT declarations, such as for salaries, technical equipment and renting of premises. If the value of the consignment is less than SEK 1,600, the fee is SEK 75. If the value is SEK 1,600 or more, the fee is SEK 125 and also includes the customs declaration that has to be made. All administrative fees include VAT."

    The question is if I will pay 125kr or will be charged more.
    I bought 6 watches in different deliveries, the first 5 came free of charges but the last two were charged 75kr each one as soon as the new law about the VAT for goods out the EU started in Sweden.
    THank you

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