The FedEx Panda Express: Chengdu to Toronto

Tin Tức

How do you move a pair of giant pandas halfway across the world? FedEx Express is proud to serve as the official transportation partner for Er Shun and Da Mao’s upcoming journey to the Toronto Zoo. Around the world, FedEx is committed to contributing to the communities in which we live and work, and we’re proud to leverage our extensive global transportation network and logistical expertise to help this pair travel safely to their new home.

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23 thoughts on “The FedEx Panda Express: Chengdu to Toronto

  1. They are too choosy about sex partners. In Zoo, their choice of partners were limited. So they don't like to mate in Zoo environment.

  2. can anyone with more knowledge on the matter explain to me why pandas dont wanna fuck? it's almost like they want to become extinct

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  4. The plane flying is gorgeous. The pandas will be homesick for awhile, and it's quite a shock that the people they are accustomed to and the language is different. I feel sorry for them, you can see it in their eyes. I hope they'll adjust well. When they go back to China in ten years, I hope they'll recognize the people that are dear to them.

  5. HI … the TorontoZoo has a channel here on YouTube and there is a video about the Pandas impending arrival. Lots of info and panda pics.

  6. I saw from Chinese news website they seems to be arriving on March 25, 2013? Can someone from Toronto verify this? Thanks!

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