The Logistics of Disaster Response

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48 thoughts on “The Logistics of Disaster Response

  1. This video came about by the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative asking basically whether I wanted to interview some of the leading experts in their field, to which the answer was obviously yes, so big thanks to them. They make some fantastic videos diving a little deeper into the field of humanitarian response, including one that just came out here:

  2. I could be way off base here, but didn’t the Clinton’s pocket a fuck ton of money for being involved in some disaster relief?

  3. We need more of these kind of videos, with a deeper look, to act as tutorials for those who want to help but have limited disaster response experience.

  4. I am really glad you touched on the US Military I feel they never get enough praise for the disaster relief portion of their job. They are most often the first people on the scene and have to work in harsh conditions. Thank you all Military members but an extra thanks to all members of disaster relief units!

  5. I stumbled upon this youtube page just by pure curiosity but your videos are so informative and interesting that I can't stop watching them D:

  6. Not trying to be egocentric and make this about America but damn the Americans pulled through on this one (obviously with help from many other nations), I'm just having a moment of pride. Seeing that coast guard ship roll up like that and big C-130 planes cruising in like "What's good everyone, heard you got rocked, let's handle this shit" haha how awesome.

  7. You should have also looked into how a well-equipped country may respond to a similar disaster, something like the 2011 Japan tsunami and 2008 China earthquake.

  8. Wendover Productions Thank you for your time and high quality of these docs. I love binge watching them.❤️

  9. Haiti is massively corrupt as well. The ex-GF's church wanted to do relief work there. Once it became apparent how many government officials they would need to bribe they went elsewhere.

  10. Watching this video and the Ebola video gives me hope for humanity. When humans are facing life threatening events there are groups out there that drop everything and mobilize manpower and resources to help.

  11. That mother was flinching WAY harder than her baby ever did after getting the shot. Kudos to her for still letting them vaccinate despite her premeditated fears.
    Too bad kids react how a parent does / expects them to. So if the mom wasn't afraid, neither would the child have been. Afraid.

  12. from vietnam Telecommunication company viettel help haiti restructuring telecommunication system and gave rice aid to haiti

  13. I don't understand why nations don't use their military combat support hospitals that are ready 24/7, are organized for trauma, biologic, or chemical injuries, can mobilize in minutes, are heavily coordinated, cam treat 1000 patients per hour per unit, have air, land a sea resources, repeatedly exercise and train for action, can be transported anywhere in the world and are well versed in emergency triage and stabilization. They have field portable hospitals, ships, planes, manpower that can travel any terrain, and know how to get there and maintain supply, as well are provide security, and order in the midst of chaos. They've been around since the 1940s, in the 1950s as MASH units. Civilian resources can be modeled after them to take over once CSH deploy and then later leave and Harvard needn't reinvent the wheel for emergency responders, but they could add method to permanently establish facilities and deal with local politics and corruption, until the home government gets organized, if ever.

  14. You should do a video covering Canadian airlines and why it's so ridiculously expensive to fly domestically in the country. For ex: it's cheaper to fly Vancouver to Asia or Vancouver to Europe then it is to fly to Toronto/Montreal/Halifax.

  15. I love Wendover videos, they're so educational. Also, they constantly remind me how much of an idiot I am, I thought Haiti was in Africa. :/

  16. Wow! This was so well put together. Thanks for yet another great documentary teaching us about the logistics behind disaster relief. I never knew something like that would be interesting to this degree. I'm looking forward to seeing more!

  17. It’s disgusting that the Clintons capitalised this disaster for personal gains. Wasn’t mentioned though, Wendover doesn’t want to be suicided like Jeff.

  18. What sucks more is that the politicians in Haiti are corrupt so the billions that are flowing in as aid is being swindled into offshore accounts – and this is being facilitated by large international banks such as Standard Chartered from supposedly developed countries claiming moral superiority.

  19. I have a friend in the army reserves, and one of the things he was always concerned about was the ability for local hospitals and clinics to be used as casualty collection points. Not a single hospital in my country (Philippines) is capable for a mass casualty event, either the hospital itself is incapable, or the infrastructure surrounding it is not effective enough for so many vehicles coming in and out.

    One of his examples was, if ever there was a school or equally large organisation in a compound that gets bombed or shot up, the fastest response that will arrive will only be security on site, police units on motorbikes, and helicopters if there is space to land.

    Even more worse was if the disaster was natural, where elements and factors were not under control of the responders. Thousands would die simply because help wasn’t able to arrive on time or conduct themselves efficiently.

  20. make a video about the logistic of football ( soccer ) please. Especially about Champion League in Europe. For example about how team travel between 2 distance place like england and russia

  21. I’m surprised they left out the logistics of how to make sure proper percentage of relief funds are embezzled by the Clinton Foundation.

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