The Logistics of Living in Antarctica

Tin Tức

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Animation by Josh Sherrington (
Sound by Graham Haerther (

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Music: “White Hats” by Wayne Jones, “Final Transmission Home” by Amaranth Cove, “Connection” by Wayne Jones, and “Slow Lights” by Lee Rosevere

Concordia Station footage courtesy Paride Legovini:
Lake Untersee footage courtesy sumnerd:
McMurdo Station from Observation Hill footage courtesy JD:
South pole flags photo courtesy Amble
Ice core video courtesy British Library:
Antarctica microbial life video courtesy National Science Foundation:
Ice runway footage courtesy Trevor Layman
McMurdo station photo courtesy Eli Duke
McMurdo nighttime photos courtesy Alan Light, Ken Klassy, Kelly Speelman, Joshua Swanson
Amundsen-Scott nighttime photos courtesy Jeremy Johnson, Dr Keith Vanderlinde


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41 thoughts on “The Logistics of Living in Antarctica

  1. "antarctica is not a place built for humans".

    Well, I guess it's time to unsubscribe. It seems you're not going to take this seriously. I mean, no fucking shit. I didn't come here to hear "snow is cold :(".

  2. Don't know what research goes on there, but probably it's best to leave Antartica on its own, away from humans! Even the 1500 who live there are enough to spread their garbage (and sewage) there! If the movie 'The Martian' comes to reality, imagine the amount of junk left behind by just 6 astronauts who went there!

  3. 10:49 "There are few places humans can go where they are 7 months away from medical care, from food, from civilization"
    2020: COVID-19 pandemic: Everyone is advised to avoid medical care and civilization for 7 months!

  4. Does anyone know that the people who work in Antarctica four months on end hire vacation time they get continuously running to be with their friends and family.

  5. We're just not gonna talk about how there are ten planes in existence that regularly use rockets to take off?

  6. Your not allowed to go to Antarctica there’s treaties signed by every government since the beginning of the Cold War, this was before environmentalism so it makes little sense why you can go there or fly planes over Antarctica

  7. I knew a guy who worked there for 4 years. He said he enjoyed it. But he also pointed out that anyone who stays there beyond their first year is a bit odd. He worked communications at MacOps. He said the three bars there were decent. The Russians from the outlying stations would occasionally come in there and get royally hammered. But after several months in an outlying station with one other dude, wouldn't you get hammered? Of course you would.

  8. The earth is surrounded by wall of ice which is called 'antartica' and not a stupid spinning ball but stationarily flat

  9. Trash! The EARTH is flat and nobody is allowed there unless they are cleared to do so. So NO HEROISM HERE JUST EGOISM

  10. And what about the internet connection ….a satellite 🛰 one through satellites phones ! If this is the case the cost must be huge .

  11. I find it hard to believe they could not air drop cargo there in the winter, and that a aircraft could not be fitted with tank warmers.

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