The New iPad Pro 2020 Reaction


Apple shows off the new iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9 for 2020. That said, it appears the new Magic Keyboard accessory has captured more attention.

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24 thoughts on “The New iPad Pro 2020 Reaction

  1. Not bad for a solo video :). I have just installed the new software (iPadOS 13,4) and the trackpad support is amazing. It’s making me prefer the iPad to may laptop, even though I am a laptop fan

  2. Real question did they actually give us a real mouse cursor or is it still assistive touch??? Cuz that is one of their major barrier's.

  3. The only upgrade we were waiting for is a metal cover.. not still recicled aluminum. It’s still a bendable device. Shame on Apple.

  4. hey guys could you do a video about some good cheap big screen tablets? i see good tablets being market with 2 gb ram and 8 mp cameras and im like "my phone costs half of this and its way better in specs" so i could use one of your videos, thanks!

  5. They say it's supposed to replace your laptop, But who's gonna release a new laptop soon? I don't know how often they release them.

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