The NFL's Logistics Problem

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25 thoughts on “The NFL's Logistics Problem

  1. Yeah, that wasn't a fair representation of how super Rugby works. Every time a team travels internationally they play each of the teams in that country. So if the Melbourne rebels travel to South Africa, they play each of the 4 South African teams. Its not a travel for 18,000miles for 1 game situation. The entire competition is designed to balance the equation of cost of travel.

  2. Just saying I’m from the UK and I’ve never met anyone who watched NFL and I’ve never even seen a game.

  3. The entire NFL is highly subsidized via tax dollars because it’s officially a not for profit business…. your taxes go directly to the pockets of millionaires

  4. 3:18 "Being located away from an airline's hub…" While showing pictures of the Mecedes Benz Superdome in Atlanta, where Delta Airlines is hubbed. LOL I just find that a bit ironic. Nothing wrong with it, just funny.

  5. NFL team managers: "OK guys, we have 1 game in London next week. You are all allowed to take only 1 pair of boots each"
    Players: We need 5 pairs each. We are big guys. Ask Wendover!

  6. I remember hearing a former NFL player say a while ago that a British NFL team would likely only be viable if SSTs were to make a comeback and the league as a whole chipped in to buy one or two just for London games; which is to say, there’s almost no chance it’ll happen.

  7. Wonderful video! Always keep making nice content and you'll get bigger very quickly! Subscribe to our channel and we are going to subscribe back to you!

  8. What about the NHL? It would be the only truly international major league sport, excluding baseball's little extension to Toronto. One would expect that the logistics of bringing teams from San Diego to Winnipeg would be interesting – including stuff like visas etc. Could be an interesting one!

  9. Why can't teams buy a plane of their own? Just asking because i thought having your own charter plane would solve majority of the problems..

  10. Makes more money than so and so combined……
    That's like saying that a octopus has more arms than a rock, a bean, a duck and a dog combined!!!!
    Compare them to the MLB, NBA and NHL for sports sakes!!!!

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