The Simpsons Predicted Tom Hanks’ Quarantine!


Between ‘Space Jam,’ ‘The Simpsons’ and a psychic’s book from 2008 — did pop culture predict the Coronavirus?

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27 thoughts on “The Simpsons Predicted Tom Hanks’ Quarantine!

  1. LOL, Hanks son Chet has got illuminati symbolism tattooed all over his body. Proudly displaying it for all to see. It's predictive programming alright. Seems kinda weird too that Hanks is ok now 5 days after quarantine. Yeah I'm kinda leaning towards some sort of BS going on. Globalists probably laughing their asses off at what they have created.

  2. Spirit always must reveal the plan before it becomes reality. Know the spirit behind everything. Seek God's face and believe his word is true. PSALM 91!!

  3. Tom's got a phone, but would he have looked sick enough to sell this to the public? Spooky how the "Hidden powers that steer humanity" have their logo tattooed on Tom Hanks Son, the one who is speaking for them. Coronavirus, still not cool, nice try though.

  4. I'm still trying to get over the fact that the media convinced the world that two CGI aircraft with fake sound effects brought down the twin towers on 9/11.

  5. Tom and his family are great members of that fanatic sect , what's the name again ? Yes , the one with the pyramid and the eye in the center .

  6. The Coronavirus is either bio engineered or a mind control hoax by the NWO. Disappointed Hank's son did not deliver his message of assurance in patois this time. My philiosophy: from the day you are born you are destined to die, so I am living life as normal. If this virus is real, then it has been around for months (I saw a big increase in Chinese people wearing masks since November 2019 in UK) so everyone has already most likely contracted it anyway.

  7. And there's the Illuminati all-seeing eye smack dab in the middle of his chest. Lol. They've got their own plans. All the Simpsons predictions, the "Contagion" movies, Apocalyptic movies are them telling you about their sinister plans. It's called Predictive Programming ppl. Google it….

  8. Thankyou Dr Oz.
    Diabetes, heart problem, cancer patients should be protected cause their more vulnerable to get it..

  9. Yeah E.T predicted this shit too. That’s why He wanted to get the fuck out here quick with his E.T phone home

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