What's The Key to Success in Global Logistics?

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I’m CEO and owner of 4C Global Logistics. My team sources, finances, and delivers the products that fit your international supply chain management needs. To show our commitment to your company’s success, we take ownership of the products while they are being shipped, removing the problems and stress of commission-based deals. We pride ourselves on our transparent and responsive process. Questions or problems related to global logistics (third party logistics, 3pl) or SCM? corey@4cgl.com or

I’ve worked as both an employee and a business owner in global logistics. I’ve seen a lot and I’ve learned a lot. When people ask me the secret to my success in global logistics, I always give the same answer: patience.

Honestly, there are lots of people who don’t like this answer, and it’s not because they think it’s not true. They know it’s true. But they think patience is something that’s really hard to develop. They’re wrong. You can cultivate patience by changing how you see your job.Let’s take a step back, though, and look at why patience is so crucial to success in the first place.

The reason we need patience is simple: No matter how hard we prepare and how much we scrutinize each step in the process, problems still pop up. And the really crazy thing about the problems is that every time they seem to be ones we’ve never seen before.

You might be asking yourself why are there so many problems and why preventing them is impossible. But the big difference between logistics and other industries is the number of companies involved.

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